Year 5 summer term home learning timetable

Art from Mrs Smith
Y5 The Greeks
Research Greek culture
Make observational drawings of all of the above.

Other learning activities – click on to the timetable

Year 5 home learning timetable

KS2 pick n mix home learning activities

Links to ‘twinkl’ and ‘urbrainy’ print at home worksheets can be found here.

Please click on the link above to take you to the Year 5 home learning timetable for the summer term.

On the timetable you can find lots of links to activities to keep your brain learning and acquiring knowledge over the forthcoming weeks until we are all back in school again. The timetable is structured in line with the school day. Keeping to a routine is good for you and will help to keep your learning habits strong.

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See you all soon

From  Mrs Cox, Mr Lynch and Mrs Williams

Musical challenge

Good morning Year 5 🙂

I have a crafty challenge for you today!

I’d like you to have a go at making your own musical instrument, using materials you’d find in your house like cardboard boxes and elastic bands. I’ve attached some images below to give you some inspiration.

Think about the instrument you’d like to make and what genre of music your instrument might be used in. Could you create an instrument used in samba music? Or perhaps in classical music? Or maybe rock music? It’s entirely up to you! See if you can take a video of you using your instrument and send it over to us at – we would love to see it 🙂

Mrs Redmond

End Of Year Challenge Time!

I’ve had a look back through the scores over for the last year and the highest score was a massive

65,584 points

achieved by Year 4 Green back in March 2020 just before Lockdown.

This weeks battle will run until Friday 17th July which is the last day of term, giving you two weeks to try and beat the score. The class that manages to beat or even come close to this score will receive a TT Rock Star pencil each on their return to school in September.

Let the final battle commence…….

Literacy challenge

Hello Year 5 🙂

I’ve attached a new Literacy challenge for you this week.

This challenge asks you to read through some vocabulary used to describe a villainous character – you can magpie some of these words for a further step in your challenge. There is a poem for you to read about a teddy bear: this is called an insult poem! What are your opinions about this?
You are then asked to write your own insult poem; however, this must be about an inanimate object, not a person! Remember our kindness values 🙂

I’d love to see your work Year 5, please email it to us at 🙂

Mrs Redmond

This week’s Picture News

Hello Year 5 🙂

I have attached the resources for this week’s Picture News for you.

This week’s Picture News is all about first impressions and is linked to the repainting of the RAF Voyager; the plane used by the Prime Minister and the Royal family.

What impression do you think this plane will give when it is used by the Prime Minister and the Royal family? Have a look through the resources and leave a comment below to let me know what you think 🙂

Mrs Redmond


Fantastic Friday Y5!

The end of another week and it’s geometry. Today we are doing some more work on translating shapes. Remember this means sliding the shape into a new position, it is not a reflection (mirror image). The shape should not be turned or flipped over. Coordinates are used to describe where the shape is – x axis first (horizontal), followed by the y axis (vertical).

‘Along the corridor and up the stairs’.

The code is ewt

Enjoy your day 😍

Mrs Cox and Mr Lynch