Hi Y5 another day to learn new things!

Today we continue to work on fractions – adding them – looking for related denominators.

The code is edv

Don’t forget to go on Purple Mash and Mrs Redmond has a new challenge for you too. Keep sending in your work for the Super learner blog, we do love seeing it.

Mrs Cox and Mr Lynch


Fantastic Friday Y5!

The end of another week and it’s geometry. Today we are doing some more work on translating shapes. Remember this means sliding the shape into a new position, it is not a reflection (mirror image). The shape should not be turned or flipped over. Coordinates are used to describe where the shape is – x axis first (horizontal), followed by the y axis (vertical).

‘Along the corridor and up the stairs’.

The code is ewt

Enjoy your day 😍

Mrs Cox and Mr Lynch


Good morning Y5

Almost the end of yet another week! Today maths is moving on, to use rounding for addition. This will help you to recognise if answers are reasonable. A good skill for later in life when shopping or managing household bills.

The code is hfb

Have fun today. Thank you to all those who joined our ‘teams’ chat yesterday, it was lovely to see you again and to hear about what you’ve been up to.

Take care

Mrs Cox and Mr Lynch


Happy July Y5

Today we are completing tasks on place value with numbers to 1,000,000. Remember to use a place value grid to support you with this.

The code is ibp

Many congratulations to Cordell for his fantastic work at home. Please keep sending your work to us, we love to see what you’ve been doing.

Today is Y5B TEAMS meeting at 11.30 am. Please join in. Remember to stay muted until your turn to chat so that we can all hear each other.

Keep safe

Mrs Cox and Mr Lynch


Good morning Y5. It’s calculation Monday!! To get your brains working today we have set a topic review for you on addition and subtraction.

The code is brt

Have fun learning and remember to keep checking the blog, Mrs Redmond has put some amazing tasks on for you to complete! Maybe try some photography too.

Keep safe and well

Mrs Cox and Mr Lynch