Hello Y5!! The end of another week of remote learning. Today we are looking at the properties of 2D shapes and prefixes for spellings.

The code is zsa

Keep working hard and remember you cannot get this time back, every second counts. Use your time being useful.

Stay safe

Mrs Cox and Mr Lynch


Good morning again Y5

Welcome to another day of online learning. Remember Purple Mash activities will keep you busy, lots of reading (in the fresh air if you are lucky), will improve your vocabulary and develop your understanding of the wider world. keep learning spellings (they are on this page if you are unsure) and learn your multiplication tables (TT Rock Stars), really important for more complicated maths!

Today’s LBQ code is wgd

Adding decimals and whole numbers mentally and science is revision of forces.

Have another lovely day, we all miss you and look forward to things getting better.

Mr Lynch and Mrs Cox


Wonderful Wednesday Y5. Another lovely day to spend some time outside, if you are lucky enough to have a garden.

Today we will build on the learning from yesterday rounding decimals with up to 2 decimal places and look at sentence punctuation.

The code is rwj

Keep safe and well

Mrs Cox and Mr Lynch


Good morning Y5, another day of learning at home and spending more time with those we love. Use it wisely!

Today we are looking at rounding with decimals and using commas, dashes or brackets for parenthesis, remember always look for the main clause, the words in the sentence that make sense on their own, we use the punctuation to show the additional information.

The code you need is wha

Have fun today

Mr Lynch and Mrs Cox


Good morning Y5 and welcome to another week of learning.

Today we have some work on decimals, place value of digits and ordering. The English task is a reading one.

The code is bpf

Enjoy your day – keep well and safe

Mrs Cox and Mr Lynch


Good morning Y5. Another beautiful day to make the most of!!

Maths today is finding fractions of amounts and English is revision of speech marks for direct speech.

The code we need is foz

Enjoy your day and we look forward to hearing from you!

Mr Lynch and Mrs Cox


Hello Y5, welcome to another wonderful day.

Did any of you spot any birds you could name? I spotted Roe Deer out on my daily walk yesterday, sadly I was too slow to photograph them.

Today, we would like you to complete some more fraction work, finding equivalents between fractions and decimals and science looking at the life cycles of birds.

Your code for today is yie

Have fun with this and please keep your messages coming we love to hear from you.

Mrs Cox and Mr Lynch


Good morning Y5. Welcome to another day online learning.

More work on fractions today- looking at counting and finding the next fractions in the sequences. The English task is revision of what plural and possessive mean.

Our code today is ctw

Have fun with these tasks, remember to make jottings on paper if you need to!!

If you get chance, try to identify three birds that you see outside today.

Enjoy your learning

Mr Lynch and Mrs Cox