Literacy challenge

Good morning Year 5 πŸ™‚

Here is your Literacy challenge for this week.

Do you like this poem? Why or why not? Tell me your opinions, I would love to hear them. Id still like to hear your own poems too Year 5, as that was your Literacy challenge last week. Remember to send your work to so that I can see it and we can celebrate your super learning at home πŸ™‚

Mrs Redmond


Hello Y5.

Hope that all is well and that you are keeping safe. We know that some of you have contacted school requesting home learning packs, that is fantastic to hear. If you haven’t, but would like one, email or phone the school office and they can arrange that for you.

Today the focus is measurement. The LBQ code is qww

Please keep in touch via the blog or email, we love to hear from you.

Mr Lynch and Mrs Cox

Maths challenge

Hello Year 5!

Just to let you know, the Summer themed Maths challenge I added to the blog earlier is available for you to collect in a printed format from school, as part of your Home Learning Pack πŸ™‚

There are lots of other activities in your Home Learning Pack that your teachers have prepared for you too.

Please ring the school office on 01204 333090 before you come to school to collect your pack.

Thank you πŸ™‚

Mrs Redmond


Good morning Y5.

Today is calculation Monday. The learning is all about addition and subtraction if you can do this using mental strategies, brilliant, if not make jottings.

The code is ybr

Enjoy you day and don’t forget to look below for Mrs Redmond’s challenges!

Mrs Cox and Mr Lynch

Maths challenge

The Maths challenge I have uploaded today is going to be your challenge for 2 weeks, as there are lots of different activities for you to work through (although don’t worry if you finish this sooner, I have got extra challenges ready for you πŸ™‚ )

There are ‘Colour by Calculations’ sheets, ‘Pirate Flags’, and there is even a board game to play!

I hope you enjoy having a go at these maths challenges – please let me know if you need any help and as always, I would love to see any of the work you have a go at πŸ™‚ Please email us at

Mrs Redmond

Cooking challenge!

Hello Year 5!

I have one final challenge for the week for you, and this is one that can be completed at any time over the weekend.

This weekend, I’d love for you to cook something for yourself and your family! It could be a whole meal or just a snack, or maybe even a dessert! Push yourself to try something new, whether that’s a new ingredient to taste or a new technique to use.

You’ll need to work with your adults at home to complete this challenge and remember to follow all the safety rules you’ve learnt through your lessons with Mrs Smith πŸ™‚

Please take a photo of your wonderful creations and send them to us, I’m sure you’ll make lots of the teachers hungry with all of your yummy food ideas! πŸ™‚

Mrs Redmond