Road Safety in Year 6

Week beginning Monday 26th November was ‘Road Safety’ week at Peter’s.   However, Year 6 have been practising their road awareness skills each week on their walk to our local swimming baths.   We are becoming much more aware of the dangers and how to remain safe when walking in our busy town.   The journey to and from the pool is becoming much more efficient and therefore journey time is reduced due to our increased awareness of the roads and safely crossing.    We are almost fully prepared for our transition to secondary school – we just need to keep on practising.


Year Six Green Super Science Week

Year Six have had an informative and investigative Science Week.   We have looked at the significant work of 2 key scientists.  We have learnt about how significant Albert Einstein’s work was in the creation of the atomic bomb and how the work of Isaac Newton has helped us to understand more about how we see colour.

Our investigation with filters was great fun and helped us to understand more about the 7 colours in our spectrum of light.  We even got to write secret messages which were only visible when using a specific colour of filter.

The main thing this week has taught us is that science is amazing and we most definitely want to find out more!