Every little helps – Rachel BM

As I go on my out and about I think to myself can I do this? The streets are dirty and filthy can I clean it or should I leave it? I think to myself oh no! This is impossible to clean, I will leave it…

Although we may not be able to do a big job, let us do the little we can do. The rubbish on the world is unbelievable help us to keep it clean at S.T Peters Primary School as we Learn, Sparkle and Shine.

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3 Responses to Every little helps – Rachel BM

  1. 118lwilliams says:

    Thanks Rachel – I agree. We might not be able to do it all, but every little helps.

    There is a saying; How do you eat an elephant? You cut it in to elephant burgers. In other words if something seems too big to achieve, break it in to smaller pieces and you will get to the end eventually.

    Great post – thank you.

  2. 1182008rb says:

    thankyou Mrs Williams, i am so happy you have given me a comment.

  3. 1182008tf says:

    I really like that post! 🙂

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