As I walk through the lightless mud of the woods I hear monstrous screams every step I take. Voices whispering my name. Is this it. My doom?! The voices say  ” I’m watching you!” in a devilish voice. BANG!! I turn unsteadily waiting for my death! Instead I saw nothing. Another bang occured. ” W w who’s there!” I said dryly in a worried  voice! I swallowed hard. There infront of me was a man or something standing there  staring with deep bloody eyes! He ran forward at top speed.I stood saring in despair. It was inches away for it to grab and finish me. I breathed heavily. BANG!! There infront of me was a roaring fire. I opened my mouth to shout for help but instead nothing came out. He came for me again. This ttime i wasn’t lucky. He took me from my hair. I screamed in agony. It whispered ” Welcome to hell!”…

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  1. 1182008rb says:

    That is a jamazing piece of writing, what made you write it? Or were you just b:]red. The episode 2 of the devil is coming out, WHEN:]????

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