Halle workshop

Today Year 6 began their workshops with the Halle Orchestra as part of their adopt a player scheme.  The children began composing their piece of music which they will perform at a special concert in a few weeks time.


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3 Responses to Halle workshop

  1. Aimee A says:

    Thank you everyone for my lovely send off from all St. Peter’s. It’s been great for the time I’ve been here and thank you so much to our headteacher l.willimams and m.lane and the rest of the lovely teachers. Also thank you to Leah for all the great gifts and for the warm welcome I got from all year 6 when I came in. It’s been wonderful from all the freinds I’ve made all the love I’ve gained. Thanyou you so much bye bye it’s been great. Xxx

    Aimee A

  2. Aimee A says:

    I like my new school I’m settling in well and I’m making lots of new amazing friends. All,the teacher are lovely and missing u all so much +’I’ll keep in touch xxxx thank you

    Aimee A

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