The day we went to @Boltonsict

Today we were really looking forward to our trip to Bolton Schools ICT, register done and off to get on the mini buses. We had a little extra excitement on our way to Smithills, as we called off via Bolton Science Technology Centre!

Mrs Lyons & Mr Mills were ready for us and we were split into groups of four, our first challenge to was to build both the sides of the robot simultaneously.

After lunch, Mr Mills gave us a brief overview of the Mindstorm programming software, let the challenges begin.

Challenge one – to program the robot move in a straight line (but not over the black line) turn at 90° then program the robot to get as near to the wall but not touching. The pupils had to consider distance travelled, speed and wheel rotation, they could only have three attempts. You can see in the videos how successful the groups where.

Challenge two – was a little trickier, the groups now used the colour sensor and then had to program their robot to stop on at designated colour and turn 90°, straight on and the turn again.

We had a fab day of focused computer science learning. If you attended this trip, share your highlights.

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