Year 6 ‘spooky stories’ at Smithills Hall

As part of our ‘spooky stories’ writing, the children have been producing reports about haunted locations, including Smithills Hall in Bolton.

We began by watching part of the ‘Most Haunted’ TV programme from Smithills Hall and then carried out research into the history and ghostly stories connected to the hall.

Today we visited the hall and filmed ourselves presenting our reports in the style of ‘Most Haunted’.  Watch out for  the videos coming soon!

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5 Responses to Year 6 ‘spooky stories’ at Smithills Hall

  1. Owen says:

    It was awesome there thx for letting us go

  2. Owenash says:

    Thx for letting us go

  3. Morgan says:

    I loved this trip so much. A huge thank u to Mr Lane and Mrs Williams for this trip as I leant a lot about Smithills Hall .Also I leant a lot about Gorge Marsh and what happened when he was burnt at the stake .Again an immense thank u Mrs Williams and Mr Lane I hope we can go on lots more trips in the future

  4. joshg says:

    Thankyou Mr Lane and Mrs Williams for the amazing trip we went to ! I loved it there and I learnt a lot from the trip so I hope we can go on more trips like this in future ! Thankyou for taking us to the trip.

  5. Brooke says:

    I really loved the trip a enormous thank you to Mr lane and both of the Mrs Willams !!!! I learnt so much when we went to Smithills Hall I hope we can on another trip in the future just like Smithills Hall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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