New Territories Paintings by Year 6

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Sarah Jayne Perry visits Year 6

Today we had a visit from Sarah Jayne Perry who is ranked 8th in the world at squash.  She talked about how she became a professional and the hard work and dedication it took to achieve her goals.  Hopefully we can use her example in our own work in school.

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Salford Red Devils visit!

Today we were visited by two rugby league stars from Salford Red Devils – Lama Tasi and Justin Carney.  They came to talk to the children about what it takes to become a professional sportsperson as part of our aspirations week.  Both Lama and Justin told us all about the sacrifices they have made to achieve their career and also the hard work which they have put in.   One of their key messages was that ‘you only fail if you give up’ and that is something we hope to remember over the coming months.  What did you think Year 6?

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Motorised Vehicles

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Tower FM presenter visits for aspirations week

Today Year 6 were visited by Tower FM breakfast show presenter Jon Holling, who visited Year 6 as part of aspirations week.  He talked all about his job as a radio presenter and the hard work and sacrifices he had to make to achieve his goal.  The children asked lots of thoughtful questions and learnt so much about the media industry and how determined you must be to achieve your goals

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The power of a good story!

This week we have been reading ‘The Giants Necklace’ by Michael Morpurgo and the children have been thoroughly engaged in this story.  There is a twist at the end, where the children discover that the main character is in fact a ghost and their reaction shows a good story can be extremely powerful!

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Super science in Year 6

Today we began our new science topic ‘Animals including humans’.

As a hook into the learning, the children were asked to label their main organs using post-it notes to assess how much we already knew. You can see from the pictures below, we were confident with some organs but a little confused about others!

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Year 6 Samba performance

Year 6 recently had their final Samba lesson and performed two pieces for our class blog.  The first was a song which the children sang and in the second performance the children used percussion instruments to create a traditional samba beat.  You can see the videos below:

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Year 6 Sprout Tasting!

Today, we gave the children the ultimate challenge in their persuasive writing – to persuade people to eat sprouts this Christmas!

We spent some time looking at the benefits of sprouts and planning some ideas to use in their writing tomorrow.  During our research we found that people don’t like sprouts as they can taste something called PCP.  We allowed the children to taste sprouts for themselves, to see if they are one of the people who can taste PCP.

You can see some of the interesting faces they pulled in the video below.

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Year 6 experience Google Expeditions

Year 6 were able to try Google Expeditions today which is a form of virtual reality.  Using the headsets, they were able to be transported to a whole range of settings including under the sea, Antarctica and space.  It was an incredible experience for the children as you can see by their reaction in the video!

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