Year 6 Persuasive Writing

Today we began our work on persuasive writing in Year 6 with a trip to our local park.  We explored the facilities and assessed the condition / suitability of the equipment.  Following this trip, we will now write letters to persuade the local council to make improvements to the park.   You can see the pictures below:

The power of a good story ending!

Today we were reading ‘The Giant’s necklace’ by Michael Morpurgo as part of our literacy work.  The children loved the story and the way in which the author built up the tension and included a twist into the end of the story.  We filmed as the children realised the main character had died and was in fact a ghost!  There are some fantastic ‘shocked faces’ as you can see on the video below

Super Science in Year 6

Today we started our new topic of ‘animals including humans’ by looking at the organs in the human body, in particular, those belonging to the circulation system.  As an exciting ‘hook’ to this lesson, the children were challenged to identify their major organs and identify them using a post it note. You can see the pictures below: