How are you Year 6?

How has your week been Year 6?

I was in school on Monday and have spent much of this week doing some learning at home with Ben.  We’ve been doing phonics and learning letters and sounds.  We’ve invented some bingo games to try and keep it fun for him – Ben keeps beating me though!  I’ve also taught Ben to wash up for the first time and  I’ve also done two things myself that I’ve never done before:

  1.  built a patio in my garden using railway sleepers
  2. opened a can using a Swiss army knife as my can opener broke

What have you done this week?  Have you been able to do anything for the first time whilst at home?

Hope you are all ok!

Mr Lane

First day without you all…

Today was really strange!  Year 6 – you have all been missed.   We hope you have managed to follow a routine and have had a great day being taught at home by your wonderful families.  I have managed to get out on a lovely walk – to follow the government guidelines I went for a walk around the countryside near my home, I did not see another person.   I didn’t take Leo as he would’ve been worn out!  What have you all been up to?

Next few weeks…

Hello everyone, just to let you know that the blog will remain active over the next few weeks and it would be great if we filled the blog with fun things you have been learning at home.   We will be posting pictures and writing things for you to respond to.

Here are a few tips for home learning:

  • have a routine similar to your school day – get up at your usual time and get dressed.   Don’t sit around in your PJs as you won’t focus the same;
  • work to a timetable and give yourself the same amount of time you would for lessons – for example 1 hour for maths;
  • do not spend your time watching TV or going on a console – time that you are missing by not being in the school building does not mean you need to miss learning;
  • some people advise that you leave the house and walk up and down the street and then come back to your front door to help you pretend you’ve gone somewhere new.

Remember…you have worked so hard whilst you have been at St Peter’s and you are all amazing human beings with kind hearts.   Keep on working hard so that you continue to Learn, Sparkle and Shine.

We all love you very much,

Mrs Buckley, Mr Lane, Mrs Clegg, Mrs Greenhalgh, Mrs Milnes, Miss Sarwar, Mrs Smith, Mrs Sawyer, Miss Fitton and Mrs Hearsey.