How are you Year 6?

How has your week been Year 6?

I was in school on Monday and have spent much of this week doing some learning at home with Ben.  We’ve been doing phonics and learning letters and sounds.  We’ve invented some bingo games to try and keep it fun for him – Ben keeps beating me though!  I’ve also taught Ben to wash up for the first time and  I’ve also done two things myself that I’ve never done before:

  1.  built a patio in my garden using railway sleepers
  2. opened a can using a Swiss army knife as my can opener broke

What have you done this week?  Have you been able to do anything for the first time whilst at home?

Hope you are all ok!

Mr Lane

12 thoughts on “How are you Year 6?”

  1. I’m doing grate mr lane and I have been play out side in the garden and playing boars games with my family and watching movies how has you day been

  2. Hi Mr Lane.
    Lexi has been trying hard with her sats work while she has been off and keeping herself busy.
    She’s missing everyone at school.

    • Hi

      That’s good to hear Lexi – you were doing so well before we left school and I’m really happy to hear you’ve been carrying on the hard work at home. We are all missing you too! Keep safe and keep in touch

      Mr Lane

  3. Hi Mr Lane I have been on purple mash and I have been doing work from my pack. I have also been doing p.e with Joe Wicks it is really fun but tiring. With my family i have been watching Australia Zoo and i have learnt about all of the animals. My favourite is the koalas. I am missing everyone at school. Hope to see you very soon.


  4. Hi Kiera

    Really glad to hear about all the work you have been doing and have seen some pictures on twitter too! Why are koalas your favourite? Maybe you could do some work and send the pictures for us all to look at whilst we are at school? Take care and see you soon!

    Mr Lane

  5. I have made my dad sisters and step mum parsels as they have sent us some we put in a letter and lots of activates for them to enjoy . I hope you have had a good holaday aswell. Although it is hard not being able to see my dad and 3 sisters i still try to have fun.

    • Hi Lily

      Glad you are ok! It’s really hard not to be with all of your family but I’m sure you will all be back together soon. Keep trying to have fun and keep smiling!

      See you soon

      Mr Lane

  6. Hi mr lane it’s summer A
    In this Time I have been keeping a normal schedule
    ~joe wicks workout
    ~school work maths
    and in the afternoon I have been playing in my garden or doing some interesting and Itwas also my birthday on the 7th so al my neighbours stood outside there home and sung happy birthday to me hope to see u and miss G again

    • Hi Summer

      I hope you had a nice birthday! It sounds like you have been very busy! Me and Miss G miss you too and hopefully we will all be back together again soon.

      Keep working hard and stay safe Summer

      Mr L

  7. Hi Mr Lane,

    Its me Daniel {DJ}. My mum makes me do lots of maths and literacy. *but especially maths* Im also having fun playing games. Im not missing school, Haha!

    -The best DJ.

    • Hi DJ
      Great to hear from you and I’m really proud you have been doing some maths work with your mum. I’m sure you’re missing my amazing jokes really! 😉

      Keep safe DJ and hopefully see you soon

      Mr Lane


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