VE Day 8th May

So what will you be doing today? Are you planning on having a celebration at home? Do you know why people are celebrating?

You can find out more about VE day here:

There are so many things you could do today if you want to capture the moment.

  1. You could interview a grandparent who may have lived through WW11 (over the phone/through facetime);
  2. You could research something from that era – such as planes/transport/clothing/food;
  3. You could make a tasty WW11 themed cake/lunch;
  4. You could make a some bunting to put up in your garden or the front of your house;
  5. You could make a time capsule!

Mrs Hobson has made an apron 1940’s style for one of her neighbours check it out…

Evie has made a VE day box for her Great Nana Sylvia (she has sent a photo – I’m having problems uploading!)

I am going to pinch Evie’s idea and deliver afternoon tea plates for all my elderly neighbours. I have made cheesecake and scones and I’m going to add some pre bought cupcakes!

Post your VE day activities so we can all see what you’ve been up to! Happy 75th VE day anniversary.

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