Monday 18th May

Good morning Year 6 . I hope you are all well and have been keepign safe.

I have loaded some more tasks on purple mash for you to work on throughout this week. It would be great if you could have a look and try your best to complete them.

Also, a quick well done to Kiera who has been working hard on areas of her learning she finds difficult. She has won a super learner for her efforts on the challenging work below. Well done Kiera!

Life Skills Challenge

Whilst on lockdown I have been working with Ben and Finlay to try and develop important life skills. These are skills that you need everyday of your life, especially as you get a little bit older. Things like telling the time, being able to cook, making phone calls – these are all really important life skills.

Below is a list of 20 life skills. How many can you tick off already? Is there some that you can work on whilst in lockdown? See if you can complete all 20 and let me know!

Mr Lane

Monday 11th May

So today we would have been starting SATs and it feels very strange to be in school without you Year 6. However, I should take this moment, like Mrs Buckley has, to say how proud I am of your hard work this year. You have made such incredible progress and I KNOW you were all ready and prepared to do your best and make your parents and the school proud. In fact, I’m convinced that your SATs results would have been some of the best our school would have ever seen. However, it was not meant to be, but please don’t forget that WE know how much you have progressed and you should be very proud of yourselves.

Also, I am really proud of the work you’re doing at home – every day you amaze me with your commitment and attitude to learning! Kiera has done another piece of outstanding work and won a super learner award. Make sure you check it out on the super learner blog and leave her a comment.

Enjoy your day Year 6 and keep safe

Mr Lane

Well done Lexi

A HUGE well done to Lexi who has been awarded a £5 voucher from Kearsley Academy who have recognised the fantastic work she has been doing at home. I’m really proud of you Lexi and what a fantastic impression you have given to your new high school! Well done and keep it up!

Mr Lane

Monday 4th May – poetry challenge

Good morning Year 6. I hope you are all well and have had a nice few days over the weekend. There are some new tasks on purple mash this week for you to try and Mrs Williams has posted some maths work on the link below. I am SO impressed with how hard you are all working – keep it up!

I have another challenge for you. Ben told a lie this weekend – he said it was his teddy that ate the last piece of chocolate, despite a big chocolate stain on his face! So I thought we could have another go at our ‘I’m the biggest liar’ poems that we started in our poetry workshop earlier this year. We could have lots of fun with these and I’m sure they’d make us laugh.

The repeating line was ‘and that’s no word of a lie’ and this comes after the lie you are telling (the crazier the better).

So your poem should look like this:

I had a game of table tennis with Donald Trump and the queen

and that’s no word of a lie

My brother has green teeth and 5 eyes on his head

and that’s no word of a lie

and then the end of your poem says :

I’m the biggest liar in school

and that’s no word of a lie

See if you can do 6 verses and post them on here. Let’s see who comes up with the best and funniest poem! Have fun Year 6!

Good morning Year 6!

So Mrs Buckley gave away the big secret, I was 21 yesterday. Had a lovely day at home with my family and Ben and Finlay made me a lovely chocolate cake! Unfortunately, I was in that much of a rush to eat it, I forgot to take any pictures. I can assure you thought, it was delicious – maybe Ill get them to bake another for when we are all back at school!

I hope you’re all ok and have had a good few days – fingers crossed the sunshine comes back this weekend!

Stay safe and speak to you soon

Mr Lane

Good Morning Year 6

Hi Year 6

Hope you are all ok and had a good Easter weekend.  I set Ben and Finlay an Easter egg hunt around the house – it was chaos!  Also, I’ve eaten far too much chocolate because I keep sneakily eating the boys chocolate when they have gone to bed – better get Joe Wicks on to get myself in shape!

Mrs Buckley and I are setting you lots of tasks to do at home now.  You will see them on the learning timetable on the previous blog post.  We are also setting some really nice daily activities on purple mash so make sure you are logging on having a go at them!

Keep replying to the messages here to and let me know how you’re getting on.

Stay safe

Mr Lane