How are you Year 6?

How has your week been Year 6?

I was in school on Monday and have spent much of this week doing some learning at home with Ben.  We’ve been doing phonics and learning letters and sounds.  We’ve invented some bingo games to try and keep it fun for him – Ben keeps beating me though!  I’ve also taught Ben to wash up for the first time and  I’ve also done two things myself that I’ve never done before:

  1.  built a patio in my garden using railway sleepers
  2. opened a can using a Swiss army knife as my can opener broke

What have you done this week?  Have you been able to do anything for the first time whilst at home?

Hope you are all ok!

Mr Lane

Sister Dorothy in Year 6 Blue

Sister Dorothy visited us today to help us with our RE work.  She looked at the various titles of Jesus and the bible stories that led to these names.  We also looked at what people thought of Jesus and why.  You can see pictures below:

Gathimba Edwards cake bake in Y6B

Today we have been baking cakes to sell tomorrow to raise money for our class charity Gathimba Edwards.  We had lots of fun this afternoon and the cakes are really tasty!  Don’t forget to buy one tomorrow!


Well-being day in year 6

Year 6 have been learning all about meditation this morning as part of well-being day.  Leanne has been teaching us the science behind meditation before we try some techniques ourselves this afternoon.

Year 6 Blue bike ability

Children in year 6 have today started their two day bike ability workshop.  They will learn how to maintain their bike, check it’s safety, and the correct way to use their bike on roads.  You can see some pictures below:


NSPCC workshop in Year 6

The NSPCC did an assembly in school today children about how to be safe and their rights as children to be safe.  They also gave advice on what children can do if they are worried about an issue.  Following this, year 6 took part in a workshop looking at some of these issues in more detail.

ICT afternoon for Year 6 Blue

This afternoon, Year 6 Blue had a special ICT afternoon delivered  by Bolton School’s ICT Team as a reward for Ellie winning the Bolton Christmas card competition.  The children used microbit to create a wire buzzer game using computer programming.  They had a fantastic time and lots of fun and you can see pictures below:



Samba in Year 6 Blue

Today we started our 6 week samba project with Bolton Music Service.   We will be performing the piece that we are developing in our class assembly in February.  You can see the pictures below: