Science in Year 6 Blue

Today we started our new topic of animals including humans by looking at the organs in the human body, in particular, those belonging to the circulation system. As an exciting ‘hook’ to this lesson, the children were challenged to identify their major organs and identify them using a post it note.

Real-life maths in Year 6 Blue

Today used our knowledge of area and perimeter to complete a real –life reasoning task. Our challenge was to find a price to re-paint the lines on the football pitch and cover it with Astroturf. This required us to use our knowledge of area and perimeter, measuring work and our recent calculation knowledge to complete the task.  You can see the pictures below:


Matt Goodfellow in Year 6

This week, poet Matt Goodfellow visited our class and taught us some poetry shapes that we could use in school.  The children were inspired by his visit and have been writing their own ‘repeating poem’ based on the poem ‘That’s no word of a lie’ in our literacy lessons this week.  You’ll be able to see videos of the finished poems soon on our blog.


Welcome to Year 6 Blue!

Welcome back to another exciting school year!  It was lovely to meet Year 6 Blue today and we had a fantastic first day together.  I was very impressed with their behaviour and attitude to learning and I cannot wait to get started with lots more exciting learning opportunities over the next few days.  See you tomorrow Year 6 Blue!

Mr Lane