Survey Challenge

Good morning Year 6 🙂

I have a new challenge for you today! This week I would like you to create your own survey to find out about people’s views and experiences about the Coronavirus lockdown.

You need to write your own questions and think about how people will answer then: will there be simple yes or no questions? Multiple choice questions? A question requiring a detailed answer? Try to include a range of question types.

A few example questions could be:
What has been your favourite thing about the lockdown?
Have you learnt a new skill during lockdown?
What have you found the most difficult during lockdown?

You could start by asking people in your household and then asking relatives, friends or neighbours whilst maintaining social distancing 🙂

Once you’ve collected your answers, think about how you could present the information you have found. I’d love to hear some of the things you find out.

As always, you can email your work to us at – we would love to see it 🙂

Mrs Redmond

Maths challenge

Good morning Year 6 🙂

Your maths challenge this week is all about conducting your own investigations outdoors!

On each challenge card there is a statement which you need to prove is right or wrong. You need to think about how you can prove your answers mathematically and what methods you may need to use to help you.

I look forward to hearing how you get on with these challenges Year 6 🙂

Mrs Redmond

Literacy challenge

Hello Year 6 🙂

I’ve attached a new Literacy challenge for you this week.

This task requires you to watch a poetry performance of ‘The Great Realisation’: I’d love to hear what you think about this, I found it particularly moving.

You then need to have a think about what you would like to see in the future for our world and what changes you would like to see happen. Your challenge then is to write a letter to our Local MP outlining the changes you would like to see. Think carefully about your target audience and the sentence types you choose. Also think about the formality of your language. I am sure we would be able to send some of your letters to our Local MP so please do send them to us at

I can’t wait to read them 🙂

Mrs Redmond

UR Brainy worksheets week 5

Good morning Year 6 🙂

I have attached this week’s UR Brainy worksheets for you. How are you finding these worksheets each week? Is there anything you’re finding difficult or need any help with? Let me know in the comments below and I will support you to solve any problems 🙂

Mrs Redmond

Kindness Challenge

Good afternoon Year 6 🙂

I’ve got a challenge for you!

I have read so many stories recently of people completing acts of kindness during this current pandemic, that have really cheered someone up. Some people have taken on big acts of kindness, such as raising money for charity, and others have done smaller things that still have a big impact, such as ringing a relative they haven’t spoken to for a while to have a chat, or sending someone a letter.

Your challenge now is to complete your own act of kindness and spread a smile throughout our community 🙂

Try to think a little further than your immediate family (whilst keeping social distancing measures in mind) – perhaps there is a neighbour who would be cheered up by a drawing you have done? Maybe someone in your extended family would love a baked treat? Or there could be a friend in a nearby street who would really appreciate a letter being posted through their door? Your mission is to make someone smile and I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job 🙂 Leave a comment below and let me know what you do this weekend to spread some kindness and give someone a smile.

My own act of kindness will be mowing the front lawn for my elderly neighbour 🙂

Mrs Redmond

This week’s Picture News

Hello Year 6 🙂

I’ve attached the resources for this week’s Picture News for you.

This week the Picture News focuses on statues and the recent news about a statue being pulled down in Bristol. Have a read through the resources and have a discussion with your family about what your thoughts and views are. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think, I would love to have a discussion about this with you 🙂

Mrs Redmond

R.E. Challenge

Good morning Year 6 🙂

This week I have an R.E. challenge for you. Your unit of work in R.E. for the summer term is Islam, a religion which you have learnt about before in school. What can you remember from your previous learning? If you haven’t had the chance to yet, have a look at your Knowledge Organiser for this unit of work: spend 5 minutes reading through the information on there.

Your challenge has two parts to complete, over two days:

1) I’d like you to read about the pilgrimage Muslims make to Mecca. Muslims must try to make this journey at least once in their life, but they are thought to benefit in terms of spiritual growth and closeness to Allah if they go on the pilgrimage more than once. See if you can read about and find out what this pilgrimage involves, where Muslims have to go and what they do on their journey. Make some notes of the information you find out as you will need it for part 2 of your challenge.

2) I’d like you to write a letter to someone, as though you are on a pilgrimage yourself. You could be writing to someone back home to tell them about what you have done or to tell them about what you are doing on your journey. How are you feeling? Make sure you include a personal element to your letter. Try to use different sentence types to make your letter engaging to the reader too.
Watch the video above, which is an animation of a boy called Omar’s trip to Mecca. This may help with your challenges.

I would love to see your work as always Year 6, it is wonderful to see the effort you put into your learning at home. Email it to us at 🙂

Mrs Redmond

Literacy Challenge

Good morning Year 6 🙂

This week’s Literacy challenge is all about people who have done inspirational things during Lockdown. There are some articles for you to read and questions for you to complete. At the end, you have the opportunity to write yourself about someone who has inspired you, or something you have done that is inspirational, or maybe something you’d like to do in the future.

You don’t need to print this document, you can jot down your answers in your exercise book from school or on any paper you have at home.

I would love to see any work you complete so please send it to us at 🙂

Mrs Redmond